egg layer block machine 12 mold

Egg layer block machine 12 mold


Egg layer block machine 12 mold

Egg layer block machine 12 mold

   Egg layer block machine 12 mold is the biggest mobile block machine at world , compatible with the technology of the day ,moving on concrete surface

without any damage , easy operation and high performance with full steel chassis without the use of cast iron FOR THE FIRST TIME IN IRAN


Egg laying block making machine with 12000 block (40*20*20) per day production in each working shift

1.Number of blocks:

12, 40*20*20 size block

16, 40*20*15 size block

22, 40*20*10 size block

Pre day production capacity: 12000 block (40*20*20)

Power Consumption : 380 Volt

Equipped to four side vertical vibration system

Equipped to automatic breaker in case of changingpower voltage, power will be automatically break

Equipped to hydraulic press

Hydraulic system with 4lever

Block pressing lever

Steering wheel lever

Discharge lever

Dragging mortar lever

Movement by electromotor equipped to steering wheel with electrical boa

Ability of production in press and hammer form

95 * 136 bit

Possibility of producing cement brick

Alloy steel chassis

13.Nonuse of cast iron in machine

7 Engines with 25 HP

Equipped to a Silo with Capacity of One m³ to feed the mold

Weight of machine: about 5 ton

Production time : 40 seconds

Strongest press with ability of picking up device

 Ability to produce block and cement brick , molds are changeable and easy to change in order to change   block sizes and shapes just in 30 minute just by opening 4 screws

For more information please contact us  :  00989146677017

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